Ariel (faerieariel) wrote in sarenity,

10 - The Big Bad Wolf

The big bad wolf has secrets
his brother was a half-wit,
eating paste and hiding his shoes
beneath the stairs.

He didn't start out bad,
caught with the wrong
crowd, ruffians and hooligans
who taught him how to hide
behind tall trees,
to shake down little girls
with shiny buckled shoes,
and take away their scones.

They taught him how
to track down ailing nanas,
break and enter their charming cottages,
the ones with a single plume
of smoke
rising from their chimneys.
He choked on his first,
but eventually learned
if he relaxed his shoulders
just so,
nana could be swallowed whole,
in the blink of a moonglowing eye.

The big bad wolf wanted to be good,
he dreamed
of curling up by the crackling fire,
letting a toddler snuggle
into his warm winter fur,
resting his lollipop head
against the wolf's beating heart.

And so he tore out the pages,
rewrote the endings,
joined a 12-step group
and renounced his sins to Jesus.
This campaign he repeated,
over and over,

until the light of another midnight moon,
reminded him
of where he came from
and all the other things
that would never change.
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