Ariel (faerieariel) wrote in sarenity,

9/100 The Dream

I can hear
the soggy leaves of grammar
and arithmetic folding
under my feet.

I shuffle through the abandoned schoolroom,
past broken desks bent sleeping
or toppled like toddlers unattended
on the cracked and porous floorboards.

I walk to the front of the room
where the paint is peeling from the walls,
where a map of the world is balanced
between two chairs, my fingers landing
on a dusty edition of Gray's Anatomy.

The book surrenders, revealing the neck 
and the musty smell of molded paper, 
short lines point silently:
the jugular
the trachea
the larynx.

I hold my own neck to protect it from the exposure,
and wonder if all the missing children
found their voices before the schoolbell 
stopped its ringing.
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