Ariel (faerieariel) wrote in sarenity,

8/100 Falling Apart

One afternoon, her hair fell out.
Not in clumps, no, but gracefully,
like water coming over a mountain
in glinting cascades, landing noiselessly.
in a matter of minutes, it was gone,
her bleached forehead awakened,
and then her hands began to tingle.

They disconnected themselves 
from the wrists, watches and bracelets
clinking, scattered on concrete,
and the fleshy spiders scrambled
disappearing into dark gutters.

The cracking sound in her hips
and her back, like gravel under your feet,
her left side
too far to the left, a tent
with a broken pole, buckling.
Shoulders and knees crash into eachother,
the anatomical car wreck,
and the way beads scream across a countertop
when their wirey spine is removed.

The legs turned to ash while everything else
dissolved beneath her clothes.

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